UPDATE: The TSA Executive and TSA Advisory Committee have issued a letter to Toronto City Council regarding the upcoming Gardiner Expressway East vote taking place on June 10th, 2015. A link to the letter and more information on the TSA's position have been posted online. We encourage all members to review the information and contact us with any questions.
Established in 1887, the Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) is a non-profit volunteer-based organization comprised of architects, interns, students, urbanists, academics, retirees, and enthusiasts.

The TSA plays an advocacy role in the City, ensuring that architecture and design are key considerations in public discussions and in processes that have an impact on our built environment.

The TSA initiates and sponsors a wide variety of exhibitions, publications, competitions, forums, and celebrations, that engage the architectural profession, its sister disciplines, and the public. We strive to promote and advance the role of architecture and design in Toronto’s dynamic community. Some of our initiatives can be found here.